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Urban dictionary defines Chaletti as “the funniest girl ever! She is loyal and the funnest person to hang out with.  Everyone wants to be her friend.”


We define CHALETTI as our dream chalet settled way upon the Alps, surrounded by the nature’s gifts each day, bringing out the funniest, loyal girls and boys within us.  Either you are sledding, skiing, snowboarding or playing snowballs, rolling yourself in the fresh snow or on the green grass sprinkled with confetti of spring flowers, or just came out of the lake from a refreshing dip or watching the foliage colors turn magical out there, when you come inside, there is always a CHALETTI waiting for you to caress…..


Your home, your body, your loved ones deserve the best.  Our products are created with love, designed for comfort and manufactured in Turkey from the finest long staple Turkish cotton just for you with this in mind….”You deserve the Best!”


Let CHALETTI take you to the past, indulge you in the present, look forward to the future….



It all starts here with a gift from Mother Nature here in Turkey. Coresoft high absorbency towels are made from pure long fiber Turkish cotton, handpicked for texture and superior quality.  We improve on that Nature’s gift with an innovative spinning, dyeing and finishing process to offer you luxuriously soft, light and fresh silky touch and exceptional absorbency.  The unique secret to Coresoft’s amazing performance is the way the yarn is spun, making our towels more absorbent, while higher in volume, but lighter, fluffier and softer than other towels.  Our research and Development team has created a higher absorbent towel that is also 100% natural to the core.  Our special yarn spinning and weaving technique both opens up these long staple fibers and adds strength by expanding the space between them and creating porous cloth of unmatched performance, giving them up to 30% higher volume and silky touch while the towels remain lightweight and dry out swiftly. This process also limits odors and is ideal for humid climates.  Coresoft’s innovative dyeing process is also an integral part of these superior quality towels.  Our specially formulated dyes not only add color to the yarn, but increases softness when they are dry.  You really can feel the Coresoft difference, even after multiple washes, Coresoft towels stay soft and fluffy.


When 100% Long Staple, natural, finest Turkish cotton meets our patented Corewell Technology, the end result is beautiful looking, hydrophilic, thick, plush, shiny and silky soft but durable towels.  Our research and Development team has created a higher absorbent towel that is also 100% natural to the core by introducing Corewell Technology, a new, innovative spinning process that opens up these long staple cotton fibers and adds strength along the way by expanding the space between them, creating a porous terry fabric.  The end result is towels that are more absorbent while higher in volume, but lighter in weight.  After the special spinning and weaving process, our special dyeing and finishing technology adds additional softness and fluffiness to the towels or the bathrobes and the colors stay bright and shiny after several washings.  This unique technology creates a very high absorbent towel while maintaining a perfect balance for absorbency, softness and elegance.  We are proud to offer our premium towel collection produced for home or hospitality use.

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